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The school desks are divided into various categories. The most frequently encountered is the independent twoseated double or oneseated single usually followed by school seats. These are the most flexible and give us the opportunity to create schematic representations of classic type or п, ц, г, etc.
Other type of school desks are the compact desks which could earn more space in the classrooms but are not so flexible.
There are also the seminar type desks which according to the lectern writing course divided into seminar desk type or school desk type.
Finally, there are group desks that are usually used for educational areas that emphasize teamwork in the group of 4-8 students.
The school desks generally are an integral part in the lives of students and adults also and should always be chosen with proper choice of the educational area.
Do not forget that even the education and learning is very important it passed through the image synthesis that we present.


The school seats must have a special construction, as it is not just seats but school seats for students and should have strength, to be anatomically and not distract the student from the lesson.
Usually the seats are made of plastic used to have fewer losses in the year, easy to clean and have flexibility.
The upholstery seats are usually used for adults with fabric or leather.
There are also the folding chairs which could be placed in the area where we want to use for multi purposes except of classroom and they have also greater flexibility.
Finally, there are metal chairs for even more strength but the design must be such as to not tire.


The classic writing boards are divided in 2 categories, the marker boards and the chalkboards.
Starting from the marker boards types encountered are porcelain boards, which are usually confined by aluminum and on the backside of the board placed a metal sheet for more strength during the time and we avoid also the warping. Sometimes to reduce the cost could be placed hardboard on the backside of the board but this decreases dramatically the resistance of the board.
We must be always careful when choosing the boards, a porcelain board is always magnetic also but a magnetic board could not be porcelain also.
The writing surface is from porcelain. Usually the resistance under normal conditions is 20-25 years.
Another category is the enamel table, this table has a margin of aluminum and a metal sheet in the back for the reasons that we mentioned above, but the writing surface is from Formica, which is gloss.
Table enamel has always more glance from the porcelain board.
It is more sensitive in scratches and should always be careful to keep clean the board.
The best way is once a month cleaning-solvent liquid to cloth or paper to clean around the table that it returns to its normal state and not with sponges or other materials with rough surfaces which would define the board and the results will not be as we want.
Usually the resistance under normal conditions, it is 5-10 years.
Finally there is the matter of painted metal sheet.
In this case the piece of metal painted in white color material so we can write the surface. This board is also magnetic but the resistance decreases dramatically if the surface gets scratched.
Usually the duration under normal conditions, it is about 5 years.
The markers that we use should be specific for white boards otherwise it will create problem to the surface of the board.
Marker boards are produced in various dimensions for ex. from 120 cm - 250 or 300 cm length and the height may be from an 80 or 90 - 120 cm the above dimensions that listed are for purely business-educational areas.
We wrote about the marker boards, now let's move on chalkboards.
The boards are divided on chalkboards and porcelain chalkboards.
The porcelain chalkboards are made such as porcelain marker boards with the difference that the writing surface is more rugged and in various colors. Usually we meet them in green and blue color.
The porcelain chalkboard is magnetic
Usually the resistance under normal conditions, is 20-25 years.
The gloss chalkboard is made rounded from wood and the writing surface from plywood colored usually in green color.
The resistance and always under natural conditions, is 10-15 years.
Regarding the chalk would be better to use plastic chalks to have the least possible dust in place around the table.
There are also boards flip chart types where we can add the paper to make presentations and writing with a marker also.
In the end there are also the announcement boards that devided in fabric announcement boards and in cork announcement boards.



The computer desks usually constructed from wood and metal combination.
There is also a combination of metal and plastic parts.
Most have drawer for the keyboard, although many times we place the keyboard on the desktop of the desk.
Typical dimensions are a width of 60-90 cm and 60-70 cm the depth and should be consistent with the dimensions of the room that will be placed.
Should be combined with appropriate chairs on wheels or stable for more convenience.
Some computer desks have wheels for more flexibility and some have a stable base.



The Benches are the seats that we use in waiting rooms or living rooms or office spaces.
Usually divided in those that stays on the bar plastic or upoholstery seats, the independent seats also from plastic or uphostery and the couches that can vary in size but also in uphostery, usually of fabric or artificial leather and sometimes of real leather.
They should be anatomically so the user must fill comfortable when sit.
Do not forget, that from the waiting room starts the image that we presented in the area for someone who visit us first time.


The swivel wheelchairs are divided into executive, office, and laboratory work.
Usually their value it depents from the combination of the movements that may do the seat and backrest.
The gas cylinder of the seats that is one of the main components, usually it comes in 3 different heights.
The base of the seats have usually 5 wheels in plastic or chrome edition.
The armrest could help our arm and our boby to seat in proper way on it but there is also sometimes that we do not need and their use replaced from our desktop.
The backrest is probably the most important component of the seat because we lay our back on it and it should be anatomic cause we spend more hours sitting on it.
We should always take care of the Quality of the chair, because due to failure of spare parts for ex if a wheel be broken or a gas cylinder failure, to be always replace properly.
Generally, the swivel chairs must be choozen carefully if we spend a lot of time together so this time will be really enjoyable.


The office desks are divided into various categories such as manager, secretary support, labor, etc.
Usually are made of wood (melamine) or a combination of metal - wood, metal - glass, wood - glass.
The office desks should always be adapted in our room and creating our image to the client or in our surroundings.
It should match the other furniture around so that will be a symmetrical image in the area.
Usually the colors that the office desks are made is the cherry tree, the beech, the Venge, gray, beige.
Small details in the office is making a difference such as distance cups on the surface of the office created a more beautiful image, the channels to pass the cables of your computer or any other electrical appliance and the finish so that the image is more beautiful.
You should always be placed regulators to be more constant contact with the office floor.



The bookselves usually are made of wood (melamine) and divided into open bookselves, with doors below, full doors, doors below and glass upper.
Usually the width is 80-90 cm (80cm is the preferred so the selves to not make any "belly" from the weight) or 40cm when we have not enough room.
The heights starts from 80 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 195 cm,
The depth is usually between 35 - 40 cm
At the bottom should be better placed regulators for better stand of the selves.
In the back of the bookselves should be placed 8 mm thickness melamine and avoid cardboard because the resistance reduced dramatically during the use.
The shelves should have adjustable heights to achieve better implementation of the items that we want to place in them.
There are also bookselves that made of plastic or metal shelves.



The conference furniture aimed at areas that have specific requirements.
Those kind of furniture could be found in auditoriums areas, cinemas, conference halls, hotels, theaters.
Usually, these furniture are made for appropriate conference areas with heavy use and should be confortable.
The seats are divided in simple seats with upholstery from metal or aluminum frame that are movable and seats that are fixed on the floor that could have table top for conferences and they have infrastructure for subwoofers and music components also.
Other furniture are the foldable tables in order to save space in storage and to have flexibility in use.




The importance of educational materials such as desks, seats, tables etc. is so important as the accessories that follows them
For example how we could use a whiteboard if we did not have the marker, the sponge or the ink.
Starting from the markers should be suitable for writing on a white table and can be refilled to have more durability and economy.
The sponges, at least those that we have are made of aluminum or wood.
On aluminum sponge can be placed felt and once absorb enough ink then we have to replace it so once again we have economy and durability.
The wooden sponge has the felt over it that connected with clue.
The inks that we use must be appropriate for marker refilling.
We must take care during the refilling procedure of the markers.
It is very important also when we realize that a marker does not write anymore on the board we must not press it by thinking that will continue to write but to fill it immediately to avoid any damage in its tip.

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