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The way to Success, is always under construction, it is created with very hard try and only the Winners walk on it!

The success is one way, just you need to find it!

The time that the bigger fish was eating the smaller one is gone; nowadays, the faster fish will eat the slower one. Beware of your speed.

Life is an important chess game, just you have to choose between the king and the soldier.

When you think everything is over, then starts a new beginning.

Behind a great victory, there is always a lost.

The biggest crooks are hiding behind an angel's face.

Flexibility is when you can not get inside from the door to find the windows.

Success is when nobody knows you but still everybody knows you.

The challenge with the time, is as a challenge between the ant and the elephant. The odds of walking on you are the same by not ever see you.

Before do something, just listen the little voice inside of you.

Before you think for something, just search good enough what you must think.

Anyone who is searching for something 2 things will happen, he will find what he is looking for or he will find the troubles of his life.

Life is a game, as soon as you find your role, you have the more chances to be the winner.

Remember that an information could be worth as the whole world or to change the whole world.

Do not ever regret for something that you have done, but for something that did not but you wanted to.

The Castles are falling from inside.

It worths to live just because you let your fingerprints in this world, try to be then strong enough.

Lets live the possible and dream of the impossible.


The vanity is worse than the greed.


Did you ever think, when was the last time you really thought about yourself?


Did you ever notice, that from the sky there are no boarders on the earth?


Did you ever think, that the basic needs of every human are everywhere the same? 


Did you ever realize, that someone is watching you and taking care of you? 


At the crossroads of live be the one with the priority.


Don't wait to change the world by itsself, we change the world.



When the daily routine become a status, the dreams are too much.



The revolution does not start in the streets but inside of us.

Do not be jealous for something that you can reach but for something that you can not, if you trully can not reach it, don't be jealous cause you would never reach it anyway.

In this world, there are 2 kind of people, these who use what the life is giving to them and these who being used from what the life is giving to them. Ensure your right choice.

Everything that happens are on purpose.

Everybody takes what he deserves, in this world.

Lets love somebody for what he is be and not for what we would like to be.

In the life there is no I want, I don't want or I can, I can not but just I like or I don't like.

When what we think, say and do is the same thing then we follow the truth.

If you want to destroy a country smoothly give money, greed and arrogance and have them under control.


The disease is a conflict between the personality and the soul. "Bach".

Many times ..........................
The cold "drip" when the body does not cry.
The pain of throat "blocks" when they cannot communicate with their anxieties.
The stomach burns if the anger cannot come out.
The diabetes invade when loneliness hurts.
The body is getting fat when the dissatisfaction is pressing.
The headache crushes when the doubts raising.
The heart relaxes when the meaning of life seems to reach the end.
The allergies occur when perfectionism is unbearable.
The nails are broken when the defenses of body getting threated
The chest tightens when the Pride enslaves.
The pressure increased when the fears imprisons.
The ridges are paralyzed when the inner child tortures.
The fever heats up when the defenses crash the limits of immunity.
The knees ache down when your pride is not.
The cancer kills if you do not forgive or you get tired of "living".

And your silent pains?
How talk to your body?
The disease is not bad, it will just show you that you have wrong way in your life.

The road to happyness is not always straight.
There are curves that called MISTAKES,
lanterns that called FRIENDS,
lights that called FAMILY,
and .......... everything are done,
if you have:
a protection that called JUDGEMENT,
a powerful machine that called LOVE,
a good insurance that called FAITH,
plenty of fuel that called PATIENCE,
but above all, an experienced guide, that called GOD.
Nelson Torres, Doctor in Psychiatry (UCV) and a specialist in psycho-neuro-anosoglossiki PNIL Venezuela

Every day I am fighting with the death and I know that he let me win cause he knows that he will be the winner in the end!

People created to be loved. Things created to be used. The reason, why the world is in CHAOS and in STRESS is, because the things are being loved and the people are being used.

Time, is the best Doctor and the worst Patient.

When the promiscuity becomes staus quo, the arbitrariness and the impunity daily fact, then the Democracy forgive any kind of crime.

A country is in dispute and may collapse, when this society does not produce anymore Heroes and Wise Men.

For every kick that we take from behind is a step forward but must me good enough to appreciate it.

The eyes are the mirror of our soul and the nails the mirror of our health.

What is Happyness?
I had to grow up and to get old, to learn what Happyness is.
Eventually, Happyness is a pair of Hand, 2 hands.
The hands that will give a huge for you, they will keep you tide, they will take you for sleep, they will take care of you, they will cook for you, they will make you smooth and in the end they will close your eyes. More hands they will make you just to feel sick and to waste your time. You will see that as you grow up. (Thanasis Veggos, Actor)

In the game of life, the last one is most important than the one that didn't fight at all.

Our passing through this Life, must be Interesting and Creative, otherwise will be a boring trip with knowing from the begining the final destination.

The destiny of our life usally depend, from the situation around us.

The time is the best friend and the worst eneny.

If you sow honesty,            you will reap trust.
If you sow kindness          you will reap friends.
If you sow humility,            you will reap greatness.
If you sow perseverance,    you will reap victory.
If you sow reflection,          you will reap harmony.
If you sow hard work,         you will reap success.
If you sow pardon,              you will reap reconciliation.
If you sow sincerity,           you will reap good relations.
If you sow patience,,          you will reap improvements.
If you sow faith,                 you will reap miracles.

If you sow dishonesty,       you will reap distrust.
If you sow selfishness,       you will reap loneliness.
If you sow pride,                you will reap destruction.
If you sow jealousy,           you will reap trouble.
If you sow laziness,            you will reap stagnation.
If you sow bitterness,        you will reap isolation.
If you sow greed,               you will reap loss.
If you sow aspersion,         you will reap enemies.
If you sow sorrows,            you will reap wrinkles.
If you sow sins,                  you will reap guilt.

Remember that in your life the priority is, First the God, Second is You and afterwards all the others, if you confuse the row then you confuse your life.

Every moment that passing by through our lives, must remind us the value of enternity.

When the noise of the city is loud, the human values reduced or get modified.

The beauty of this world reflected on female makeup, it covers the natural beauty with fake beauty.

Happyness is, when the path of logic and the path of emotion meet to each other.

Happyness is the little daily moments in our lives and when we make them nice and interesting, then the happyness is compleated and has a meaning.

The life is easy and beauctiful, if someone has different opinion maybe he is following the wrong way.

When someone is sleeping, someboby else "create" history, ensure for your right choice.

Democracy, is a liquid meaning that could be ajusted on demands and needs of people that have the power.

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